ISSUE 12 (Spring 2012)

Maria Grazia Tonetto
Joyce's Vision of Realism: A New Source

Matthew Hayward
Reconsidering Joyce's 'Notes on Business and Commerce.'

Robbert-Jan Henkes
Before King Roderick Became Publican in Chapelizod; The origins of the origins of Finnegans Wake

Martin Brick
Joyce's Overlisting Eshtree: A Genetic Approach to Sacred Trees in Finnegans Wake

Ronan Crowley and Geert Lernout
Joseph MacCabe in Ulysses

Robbert-Jan Henkes and Mikio Fuse

I. New Sources in Lost Notebook D1
II. Notes towards a Methodology of Reconstructive Paleoarcheographology: a correspondence over email
III. A Methodology of Conjectural Reconstruction
Appendix. How Joyce expanded his Night Lessons with the D1 notes in C2

Viviana Mirela Braslasu
Further Emendations to Finnegans Wake Notebook VI.B.16