GENETIC JOYCE STUDIES - Issue 13 (Spring 2013)


A Chronology of Ulysses in Proofs: June 1921 to January 1922 (Paris)


Luca Crispi

UCD James Joyce Research Centre



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June–August 1921: 1. ‘Telemachus’ to 5. ‘Lotus Eaters back to top

August–September 1921: 1. ‘Telemachus’–10. ‘Wandering Rocks back to top

September–October 1921: 1. ‘Telemachus’–10. ‘Wandering Rocks back to top

October 1921: 6. ‘Hades’–18. ‘Penelope back to top

November 1921: 13. ‘Nausicaa’–18. ‘Penelope back to top

December 1921–Early January 1922: 15. ‘Circe’–18. ‘Ithaca back to top

January 1922: 15. ‘Circe’ to 18. ‘Penelope back to top



2 February 1922: Ulysses is published.