ISSUE 8 (Spring 2008)

Robbert-Jan Henkes
Reading in the Rain. New Sources in the Owldeed (VI.B.5) and Prairies (VI.B.14) Notebooks.

Sarah Davison
Joyce's incorporation of literary sources in 'Oxen of the Sun' (forthcoming)

Ilaria Natali
'Writing its own wrunes for ever": procedures of rewriting in the dossier of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (forthcoming)

Robbert-Jan Henkes
James Joyce in Africa. An Expedition to the Sources of the Wake.

Luca Crispi and Ronan Crowley
The Ulysses Proof^finder

Page Proofs
Proofs by Episode

Mikio Fuse
Emendations to the Transcription of Finnegans Wake Notebook VI.B.8 (forthcoming)

Katrin Van Herbruggen
Finnegans Wake Notebook Timeline (opens in a new window)