ISSUE 1 (Spring 2001)

Sam Slote
Sound-bite Against the Restoration

Laurent Milesi
Supplementing Babel: Paget in VI.B.32

Bill Cadbury
Development, in the Plebiscite, of and away from the Bywaters Case

Ingeborg Landuyt
'Shaun MacCormack'

Aida Yared
Introducing Islam in Finnegans Wake: The Story of Mohammed in VI.B.45

ISSUE 2 (Spring 2002)

Yasuo Kumagai
'Takaoki Katta' (VI.B.12:113)

Wim Van Mierlo and Ingeborg Landuyt
Catholicism, Nationalism, and Exile : Sheed and Ward's Irish Way in VI.B.34

Greg Downing
Joyce's "Oxen of the Sun" Notesheets: A Transcription and Sourcing of the Stylistic Entries

Robert Janusko
Further Oxcavations

Louis Armand
Enzymes, Reverse Transcriptions and the Technogeneses of Finnegans Wake

Sam Slote
A Second Look at the First-Draft Version of "Finnegans Wake"

Geert Lernout
Dating the Finnegans Wake Drafts

Special Issue: 25th Anniversary of the James Joyce Archive

David Hayman
Bringing Out the Archive: Memories

Fritz Senn
Genetic Fascination

Hans Walter Gabler
The James Joyce Archive: A Publisher's Gift to Joyce Studies

Luca Crispi
The James Joyce Archive from an Archival Perspective

R. J. Schork
The First Generation of the JJA

Bill Cadbury
Thoughts on the Necessity of Redoing the Archive

ISSUE 3 (Spring 2003)

Luca Crispi
Note on the Tulsa Proofs

Robbert-Jan Henkes and Erik Bindervoet
The Tulsey Town Treasure Trove: Preliminary Report on the Rediscovered Finnegans Wake Proofs

Finn Fordham
The Transfer from Notebooks to Drafts in 'Work in Progress'

Mikio Fuse and others
Emendations to the Transcription of Finnegans Wake Notebook VI.B.29


ISSUE 4 (Spring 2004)

Hans Walter Gabler
James Joyce Interpreneur

Francisco García Tortosa
Tracing the Origins of Spanish in Joyce: A Sourcebook for the Spanish Vocabulary in Buffalo notebook VI.B.23

Stacey Herbert
A Draft for "Ulysses in Print: the Family Tree": An Installation for the Exhibition "James Joyce and Ulysses at the National Library Ireland"

Robbert-Jan Henkes & Erik Bindervoet
Finnegans Wake, the Corrected Text

Luca Crispi
Manuscript Timeline 1905-1922

Katrin Van Herbruggen
Notes Toward a Timeline of Work in Progress

Robbert-Jan Henkes & Erik Bindervoet
Oversystematizing the Wake: the Quiz chapter as the key to a potential schema for Finnegans Wake


ISSUE 5 (Spring 2005)

Patrick A. McCarthy
Attempts at Narration in Finnegans Wake

Valérie Bénéjam
Passports, Ports, and Portraits: Joyce's Harbouring of Irish Identity

Eli Lassmann
A Source for Joyce's Notes on 'Indian outcasts' for Finnegans Wake II.1

Sam Slote
Epiphanic "Proteus"

Mikio Fuse
Emendations to the Transcription of Finnegans Wake Notebook VI.B.03

Mikio Fuse
Emendations to the Transcription of Finnegans Wake Notebook VI.B.25



ISSUE 6 (Spring 2006)

Mark Nixon
'Guess where': From Reading to Writing in Beckett

Ilaria Natali
"Adrift with adraft": A Genetic Reading of Pomes Penyeach

Alistair McCleery
Collating the Pirate and the Professionals: Preliminary Analysis of the Texts of Ulysses 1927-1934

Matthew Feldman
Returning to Beckett Returning to the Presocratics, or, 'All their balls about being and existing'

Jed Deppman
Joyce and the Case for Genetic Criticism

Ronan Crowley
"His Dark Materials": Joyce's "Scribblings" and the Notes for 'Circe' in the National Library of Ireland

Édouard Magessa O'Reilly
Molloy, Part II, Where the Shit Hits the Fan. Ballyba's Economy and the Worth of the World

Raphael Slepon
'Fweets of Fin': Towards a Web-based Finnegans Wake Research Tool

ISSUE 7 (Spring 2007)

Susan Brown
The Mystery of the Fuga per Canonem Solved

Scarlett Baron
Joyce's 'holiday wisdom': 'Gustave Flaubert can rest having made me.'

Wim Van Mierlo
The Subject Notebook: A Nexus in the Composition History of Ulysses-A Preliminary Analysis

Ronan Crowley
'The Hand that Wrote Ulysses' and the Avant-Texte of 'Wandering Rocks'

Wim Van Mierlo
James Joyce and Caradoc Evans

Mikio Fuse
Japanese in VI.B.12: Some Supplementary Notes

ISSUE 8 (Spring 2008)

Robbert-Jan Henkes
Reading in the Rain. New Sources in the Owldeed (VI.B.5) and Prairies (VI.B.14) Notebooks.

Sarah Davison
Joyce's incorporation of literary sources in 'Oxen of the Sun' (forthcoming)

Ilaria Natali
"This diverting chase of the presumable": procedures of rewriting in the dossier of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Robbert-Jan Henkes
James Joyce in Africa. An Expedition to the Sources of the Wake.

Luca Crispi and Ronan Crowley
The Ulysses Proof^finder

Page Proofs
Proofs by Episode

Mikio Fuse and Robbert-Jan Henkes
Emendations to the Transcription of Finnegans Wake Notebook VI.B.5

Katrin Van Herbruggen
Finnegans Wake Notebook Timeline (opens in a new window)


Finnegans Wake: quotations are taken from the first Faber and Faber paperback edition in which all of Joyce's errata are incorporated (1975). The quotations are indicated by means of the abbreviation FW, followed by the page and line numbers. In some instances this version will be compared to the first edition (1939, indicated in full)

The first drafts of each section of Finnegans Wake were transcribed by David Hayman in his invaluable edition of A First Draft Version of 'Finnegans Wake' (London: Faber and Faber, 1963). Quotations from this edition observe Hayman's transcription system.

followed by volume and page number, refers to the facsimile edition of Joyce's manuscripts, The James Joyce Archive, edited by Michael Groden, Hans Walter Gabler, David Hayman, A. Walton Litz, and Danis Rose (New York: Garland Publishing, 1978).
The Archive's draft catalogue system is used to refer to a specific draft stage:
e.g. I.5§2.*0 = Book I, Chapter 5, Section 2, first draft; the asterisk indicates an autograph document.

The number following the abbreviation BL indicates the number of the manuscript, preserved at the British Library.

BL Add.
British Library, Additional Manuscript, followed by the folio number.

L I or Letters I
Letters of James Joyce. Ed. Stuart Gilbert (London: Faber and Faber, 1957).

Letters II & III: Letters of James Joyce. Vol. II & III. Ed. Richard Ellmann. (London: Faber and Faber, 1966).

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