The "origin of [these] spices" can be dated. The words were added to the typescript in May 1926 (JJA (III.3) p. 259). The "ouragan of spaces" however is later added to the typescript in December 1928 or January 1929. In order to retrace the evolution from "spices" to "spaces" the notebooks give some clues, especially notebook B.21, written between Jan-Apr 1928, i.e. - according to the editors of the JJA - at the time Joyce was "recovering from the shock of Wyndham Lewis's savage critique" (JJA 34, xii). On page 101 of notebook B.21 Joyce wrote the entry "Spice & Westend Woman", an allusion to Wyndham Lewis' Time and Western Man. A little further on, Joyce took down the entry "ouragin of spaces" (page 144), i.e. four pages before the first mention of the full title of "The Ondt and the / Gracehoper", followed by some 50 pages of notes and preparations for the fable.