Genetic Joyce Studies - Issue 5 (Spring 2005)
Emendations to the Transcription of Finnegans Wake Notebook VI.B.25
Mikio Fuse

These emendations to the published version of VI.B.25 were made by Mikio Fuse. The emendations were first offered and discussed on an internet discussion group and later incorporated by the editors of the notebooks in the document below.

This list contains excerpts from the printed edition, with the emendations and additions highlighted in red. Emendations include punctuation, errors of transcription or convention, but sometimes also new sources, annotations and locations in Finnegans Wake and the draft history.


VI.B.25.011 [003 in JJA]

(a)        Chapelizod drill band

Note: See VI.B.06.131(a)-(b).

VI.B.25.023 [015 in JJA]

(a)        [Gin]gerbread built / [??] Dominick

Freeman's Journal 25 June 1923-8/7: [By the Way] The City "State Coach." A reference was made in a recent speech to the old-time civic processions in Dublin / The coach was in fact built by John Whitton, coachbuilder, in Dominick street, in the year 1790 [...] In 1807 an iconoclastic Alderman had the temerity to propose that the vehicle (which had come to be known colloquially as the "Gingerbread") should be sold.

Note: See VI.B.28.196 and VI.C.10.054: 'Whitton / John / mayor coach', which formed the basis for FW 359.23-4. 'Whiston' at the latter location is a typist's error; the reference in Annotations (1991) should be corrected.

VI.A.0034 ('An Encounter'): 'John Whislton built / gingerbread'.

VI.B.25.029 [021 in JJA]

(a)        Mrs

VI.B.25.030 [022 in JJA]

(a)        [iron]

VI.B.25.031 [023 in JJA]

(a)        bpaternoster (bait)

Guide to Bognor 12: Fishing with 'Paternoster' is recommended from the Pier, as various depths of the bait will suit the habits of different fish.

Note: Paternoster-line. A fishing line with hooks attached at intervals; so called because of the resulting resemblance to rosary beads. See also VI.B.2.053(j) 'bait the trout / (line with 40 hooks)'. Although this VI.B.2 entry was not transferred it forms part of a short fishing index, which was used for the next draft (I.2§1.*2) of FW 031.

MS 47472-98, ILS: inquiring ^+?? ^+asking to be put wise+^+^ whether he had not been engaged in ^+ whitebait ^+paternoster+^ were not now more fancied ^+bait+^ for+^ lobster trapping | JJA 45:004 | Aug-Sep 1923 | I.2§1.*1 | FW 031.07-8

VI.B.25.033 [025 in JJA]

(a)        bVigilance Committee

Note: See also VI.B.3.119(a).

'The Irish Vigilance Association' was founded in 1911, under the auspices of the Dominicans. Its primary purpose was to protect Irish Catholics from the excesses of the English popular press. Volunteers were sought and a number of Vigilance Committees were set up in various parts of the country. See letter dated 11 February 1922, in James Joyce's Letters to Sylvia Beach.

MS 47472-98v, ILA: ^+at the instance of kind ^+Watch Warriors+^ vigilance committee+^ | JJA 45:007 | Aug-Sep 1923 | I.2§1.*1 | FW 034.04

VI.B.25.035 [027 in JJA]

(a)        mantrap with crocodile / [teeth] (abol. 1827)

Note: Since 1827 mantraps have been illegal in England (see 11th EB 'Man-Traps' 607b). The 'crocodile' (as in 'crocodile-clip') presumably refers to part of the mechanism, such as the jaws of the trap.

VI.B.25.108 [034 in JJA]

(a)        br[sod?]

Not located in MS/FW

VI.B.25.109 [035 in JJA]

(a)        r[lead us not]

Not located in MS/FW

VI.B.25.115 [041 in JJA]

(a)        brlike

Not located in MS/FW

VI.B.25.120 [046 in JJA]

(a)        b[g?]

VI.B.25.121 [047 in JJA]

(a)        r[??]

VI.B.25.123 [049 in JJA]

(a)        [Lady] S[oph] [??]

VI.B.25.131 [057 in JJA]

(a)        [?? of] bEarw[icker]

VI.B.25.142 [068 in JJA]

(a)        rsaints [??] / – stripes

Note: Proverbs 17:10: 'More profitable to saints, than stripes to a fool'.

MS 47471b-88, MT: a ^+the+^ flag of the saints & stripes for Kevineen O'Dea | JJA 48:033 | Feb 1924 | I.8§1A.*1/1B.*1 | FW 210.14

VI.B.25.143 [069 in JJA]

(a)        virtuous / saints in purgato????ry

(e)        salute gallion

(f)        Saints carry pipkins

Note: See also VI.A.45.007.

Pipkin. A small earthenware pot.

VI.B.25.144 [070 in JJA]

(l)         bholograph

Note: See also VI.A.851.71.

MS 47472-98, ILS: all documents ^+holographs+^ initialled by Haromphrey bear the sigla H.C.E | JJA 45:005 | Aug-Sep 1923 | I.2§1.*1 | FW 032.13

VI.B.25.145 [071 in JJA]

(e)        thakor / Jain noble

Note: Thakor. East Indian. A word meaning Lord, used as a title and term of respect (cf. dominus, don, seigneur, etc.); also applied to a chief or noble, esp. of the Rajputs.

Jain. A member of the Jainist sect. Jainism, an East Indian ascetic sect bearing some resemblance to Buddhism, was founded around the sixth century B.C. Its principal doctrine is that of noninjury of living creatures.

VI.B.25.146 [072 in JJA]

 (d)       to take in [form]

(e)        process of fame / of sanctity

Note: One of the earliest stages in canonization is the preparation of the inquiries (processus) about the suitability of the candidate. These include the compilation of an account of the reputation for sanctity (super fama). See CE 'Beatification', 367c, 368a.

(f)        [Ocur of Kevin] / Virtues / 2 miracles

Note: Both virtues and miracles are prerequisites for sainthood.

(i)         '[How] grateful should / be' For he it was / that said if God said / rmay I say it – / offence. I rarely / [hear] service / in one man

MS 47482b-32v, LPA: ^+Thy now paling lamp we may perchance ne'er see again. Ah, if it could ^+only+^ speak how it could ^+would+^ splutter! ^+out+^ praises be to thee. For you had - may I say it? - a glow of zeal of service such as I have rarely ^+rarely, if ever, have I seen+^ seen in any man's bosom.+^ | JJA 57:066 | May 1924 | III§1A.*2/1D.*2//2A.*2/2C.*2 | FW 472.25-7

VI.B.25.149 [075 in JJA]

(i)         rthe pleasure of the morrow

MS 47482b-30v, LPA: ^+what is our miserable today compared beside the pleasure of the morrow+^      ????         

(j)         rpassed away [to] the Beyond / by means of poison

MS 47471b-2v, MT: Treacle Tom passed away painlessly in a state of nature | JJA 45:137 | Nov 1923 | I.3§1.*0 | FW 049.23-5

VI.B.25.150 [076 in JJA]

(a)        rPat the Man

MS 47471b-83v, LPA: the cornerboys burning his guy ^+& Pat the Man raising a laugh [...]+^ | JJA 48:024 | Feb 1924 | I.8§1A.*1/1B.*1 | FW 205.28-9

(j)         ras I simply agree / to it ~

MS 47471b-32, MT: I will not have a reptile the like of McGrath Bros ^+[...]+^ to be spreading his ^+dirty+^ lies all round where we live as I simply agree to it, the obnoxious liar | JJA 46:257 | Dec 1923 | I.5§2.*0 | 'The Revered Letter' FDV 082.05-6 [->] MS 47488-120v, MT: we simply agree upon the committee of amusance! | JJA 63:184 | Sep-Oct 1938 | IV:4.*0 | FW 616.18

(k)        r(signed)

MS 47471b-33, MT: Hoping [...] you will enjoy perusal and completely/ (Signed) | JJA 46:259 | Dec 1923 | I.5§2.*0 | 'The Revered Letter' FDV 083.08 [->] MS 47488-118, MT: Alma Livia Poolabella ^+Pollabella+^ | JJA 63:189 | Sep-Oct 1938 | IV:4.*0 | FW 619.16

(n)        r3 jeers!

MS 47474-25v, TsLPA: ^+[...] and another moment giving 3 jeers for his rotten little ghost of a Peppybeg,[...] +^ | JJA 47:404 | Apr-May 1925 | I.7§1.3/2.3 | FW 173.26

Note: FW 117.23 derives from VI.B.14.191(j).

VI.B.25.151 [077 in JJA]

(m)       pro tanto

Note: L. Pro tanto. For so much; to such an extent.

The motto of Belfast: Pro tanto quid retribuamus. For So Much What Shall We Repay?

VI.B.25.152 [078 in JJA]

(d)        regalism

Note: Regalism: The doctrine or practice of the supremacy of the sovereign in ecclesiastical matters (OED). St. Alfonsus Liguori had difficulties in establishing congregations in Naples because there the doctrine of regalism (supremacy of the state in all religious matters) was in effect.

(i)         Erastian

Note: Erastian. Pertaining to the doctrines of the 16C Swiss theologian Erastus. His actual concern was the tyrannical use of excommunication by the Calvinist churches, but he became popularly associated with the subordination of the ecclesiastical to the secular power. See (e).

(m)       rprofessionally known [as]

MS 47471b-005, ILA: and his own blood and milk brother ^+professionally known as+^ Frisky Shorty | JJA 45:35 | I.2§2.*1 | Oct 1923 | FW 039.18

VI.B.25.153 [079 in JJA]

(g)        clerical habits

Note: See (f).

(h)        Eng. conv to Islam

Note: See (f).

(i)         lay chain of food depots

Note: See (f).

VI.B.25.154 [080 in JJA]

(k)        rcontinuously

MS 47488-26, ILS: he meditated ^+continuously+^ with seraphic ardour | JJA 63:038d | Jul 1923 | IV§2.*3 | FW 606.10

(l)         gUsher's Isl

Note: Usher's Island. A quay on the south side of the Liffey, near the Phoenix Park. Well-known as the location of the home of the Misses Morkan, in 'The Dead'.

MS 47474-176, TsILS: she multiplied ^+ushered out round+^ a thousand isles and islets dun all over her little mary. | JJA 48:126 | Jul 1925 | I.8§1.5' | FW 206.35

(m)       rin native tongue

MS 47472-137, ILA: the same ^+native+^ language | JJA 46:028 | Dec 1923 | I.4§1A.*2 | FW 000.00

(n)        rpassing of

MS 47471b-9v, MT: with the passing of years | JJA 45:140 | Nov 1923 | I.3§1.*1 | FW 051.02

VI.B.25.156 [082 in JJA]

(e)        I have [been] W for / quite a while

VI.B.25.157 [083 in JJA]

(d)        in tableau mort

(k)        rran a selection

MS 47482b-115, LMA: I will say that since ^+I ran a selection here+^ ^+where+^ my toils of domestication began famine has receded from this land. | JJA 58:097 | Nov-Dec 1924 | III§3B.*2 | FW 539.21-2

VI.B.25.158 [084 in JJA]

(a)        rNature embellished / the tint

Moore's Melodies: ['Remember the Glories of Brien the Brave'] Mononia! When Nature embellish'd the tint / Of thy fields

MS 47481-95, LMA: The sea ^of a pure tint embellished by nature^ looked awfully pretty | JJA 56:008 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 386.01

(e)        rheaven knows,

Moore's Melodies: ['Oh! think not my spirits are always so light'] The thread of our life would be dark, Heaven knows!

MS 47481-95v, ILA: No, ^+heaven knows,+^ far from it | JJA 56:011 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 396.22

(g)        glib rCoolin >

MS 47481-95, LMA: By elevation of ^+unyawning+^ eyelids ^+to ^+t'ward+^ her dear coolin+^ | JJA 56:009 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 000.00

(k)        rone rosy Smile

Moore's Melodies: ['St. Senanus and the lady'] But legends hint that had the maid / Till morning's light delayed; / And giv'n the saint one rosy smile, / She ne'er had left his lonely isle.'

MS 47482b-26v, LPA: goodwill girls, ^+while, who they were all making a tremendous fuss about ^+of +^him & his rosy ^+rosyposy+^ smile & smelling his nice perfume [...]+^ | JJA 57:054 | May 1924 | III§1A.*2/1D.*2//2A.*2/2C.*2 | FW 430.22-3

(m)       rt'ward ~

?Moore's Melodies: ['Wreath the bowl'] We'll take a flight / Tow'rds heaven tonight

MS 47481-95, LMA: By elevation of ^+unyawning+^ eyelids ^+to ^+t'ward+^ her dear coolin+^ | JJA 56:009 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 000.00

(n)        t'would

Moore's Melodies: ['How dear to me the hour'] And think 'twould lead to some bright isle of rest.

VI.B.25.159 [085 in JJA]

(a)        rdimpling bliss

Moore's Melodies: ['While Gazing on the Moon's Light'] (while / The moon's smile / Play'd o'er a stream, in dimpling bliss)

MS 47481-95v, ILA: ^+laughing at the same time delightfully ^+in dimpling bliss+^+^ | JJA 56:011 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 398.20

(e)        rrosecrumpler

Moore's Melodies: ['Lesbia hath a beaming eye'] Bed of peace! whose roughest part / Is but the crumpling of the roses.

MS 47481-95, ILS: Nothing if not amorous he ^+he, the rosecrumpler,+^ then having dephlegmatised his guttur | JJA 56:009 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 395.16

(f)        rmost unholy blue

Moore's Melodies: ['By that Lake, whose gloomy shore'] 'Twas from Kathleen's eyes he flew, – / Eyes of most unholy blue!

MS 47481-95v, ILA: a firstrate pair of bedroom eyes ^+of most unholy hazel^+ | JJA 56:010 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 396.11-12

(h)        ras slow their ship

Moore's Melodies: [Title]: 'As slow our ship her foamy track'

MS 47481-95, TM: ^+As slow their ship+^ [...] The handsome ^+sunburnt ^+brineburnt+^+^ 6 footer | JJA 56:008 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 383.20

VI.B.25.160 [086 in JJA]

 (a)       rhis trousers changed / colour

MS 47471b-51v, MT: his face & trousers changing ^+changed+^ colour every time a rifle spoke ^+gat croaked.+^ | JJA 47:334 | Jan 1924 | I.7§1.*0 | FW 177.06-7

(d)        freakfr – g

VI.B.25.161 [087 in JJA]

(b)        rDanny Frush

Note: Danny Frush. A featherweight boxer, active 1917-26 and fighting in Paris in June 1924, where he lost the European Lightweight Title to Fred Bretonnel on the 24th.

Frush. The thrush, or tender part of a horse's foot (EDD).

MS 47472-111, LMA: ^+, thanks to you, great little Danny Frush, who in his neverrip mud and purple surely unlike any other jockey that ever happened+^ | JJA 45:049 | Nov-Dec 1923 | I.2§2.*2/3*2 | FW 000.00

VI.B.25.164 [090 in JJA]

(a)        French soldered rings round / necks of Eng – >

(b)        Danes make E a compound / of slaves

Ireland and the Making of Britain xii: She conquered and absorbed the Danes who had won a province of France and turned England into a compound of slaves. The turbulent and victorious French, who soldered rings round the necks of Englishmen and made England a pendant to the Norman crown, she bound by ties of devotion surpassing the affection of her own children.

(e)        rvolatile

MS 47481-95v, ILA: before the traditional 10 seconds were up ^+volatile+^ Brittany considerately allowed his farfamed ^+sparking plug+^ chokegrip to relax | JJA 56:011 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 396.29

(g)        rsafety 1st

MS 47481-95v, ILA: ^+believing in safety first,+^ after which before the traditional 10 seconds were up | JJA 56:011 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 000.00

VI.B.25.165 [091 in JJA]

(a)        rNeedles & Pins / Blankets & Skins / When a man's married / His sorrow begins

Note: English proverbial phrase. See the Oxford Dictionary of English Proverbs for citations.

MS 47471b-86v, LPA: a jigsaw puzzle ^+of needles & pins & blankets & skins+^ between them for Isabel & Llewelyn Marriage | JJA 48:030 | Feb 1924 | I.8§1A.*1/1B.*1 | FW 210.11

(e)        rat first blush

MS 47481-95v, ILA: if the unvarnished truth must be told ^+at the very first blush+^ lovingly she lovegulped | JJA 56:011 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 000.00

VI.B.25.166 [092 in JJA]

(g)        rscholars (scolar)

MS 47471b-34v, LPA: Thus, two was a woman's petition, maid, wife & mother, offered brought by two sons of wild earth, ^+since sainted scholars+^ | JJA 46:293 | Dec 1923-Jan 1924 | I.5§3.*0 | FW 000.00

(m)       rsparking plug

MS 47481-95v, LMA: before the traditional 10 seconds were up ^+volatile+^ Brittany considerately allowed his farfamed ^+sparking plug+^ chokegrip to relax | JJA 56:011 | Aug 1923 | II.4§1.*1 | FW 396.28

VI.B.25.167 [093 in JJA]

(f)        bnow walking / about Dublin

MS 47472-98v, ILA: a man named Lyons ^+quidam+^ ^+then walking about Dublin ^+with a bad record+^+^ | JJA 45:007 | Aug-Sep 1923 | I.2§1.*1 | FW 033.36-034.01

(j)         rsalmon ladder

Note: Salmon Ladder. See OED. A series of steps to enable salmon to ascend a fall or dam by a succession of leaps.

MS 47472-133, ILA: Earwicker ^+, who previous to that semidetached life had been known to eat his own length in rainbow trout,+^ was ^+, like the salmon of his ladderleap,+^ secretly feeding on his own misplaced fat | JJA 46:023 | Dec 1923 | I.4§1A.*2 | FW 079.11-12

VI.B.25.174 [098 in JJA]

(d)        bencyclical

MS 47488-25, ILA: Procreated on the ultimate island of Ireland in the ^+encyclical+^ Irish ocean | JJA 63:038c | Jul 1923 | IV§2.*2 | FW 605.04-5

VI.B.25.176 [100 in JJA]

(h)        bgreen >

MS 47488-25, ILA: midmost Glendalough ^+le Vert+^ by archangelical guidance | JJA 63:038c | Jul 1923 | IV§2.*3 | FW 605.11

(j)         bMatins, ~ >

MS 47488-25, ILA: when espousing the true cross ^+, invented & exalted,+^ in celibate matrimony, ^+at matin chime+^ arose | JJA 63:038c | Jul 1923 | IV§2.*3 | FW 605.09

(k)        bLauds >

MS 47488-25, LMA: piously Kevin ^+lauding the Triune Trishagion,+^ | JJA 63:038c | Jul 1923 | IV§2.*3 | FW 605.14