About Genetic Joyce Studies

Genetic Joyce Studies is a peer-reviewed open-access journal devoted to the study of James Joyce's works with a focus on the writing process. The purpose of this digital journal is to create a forum for genetic Joyce criticism, where a broad audience can read the results of recent genetic investigations. Since this kind of research into the writing process of Joyce's works cannot always result in full-length academic articles, certain discoveries never come to light. Genetic Joyce Studies is a flexible journal that enables researchers to give notice of their genetic discoveries, source studies, new insights, and critical analyses of Joyce's working method. If you would like to be kept informed about intermediate updates, please contact the editor (dirk.vanhulle@uantwerpen.be).

Critical essays, reviews, and notes are always welcome. Genetic Joyce Studies is not prescriptive as to the styling of submissions. Any scheme of documentation that is intelligible to a mainly Anglophone public is satisfactory. It will be copy-edited for consistency, but not translated into another system. Submissions are read and evaluated by selected members of the editorial board. They may be submitted as attachments via electronic mail (as an attached word processing document or as an HTML document, if possible) or snail-mail to the following address: dirk.vanhulle@uantwerpen.be

Dirk Van Hulle
University of Antwerp
Department of Literature in English
Prinsstraat 13
B-2000 Antwerp